Kilimanjaro Price and Cost

Many people look for a cheap Kilimanjaro climb. But if you have done some research, then you have already found that this is not possible. And you probably have also discovered that there are a wide range of prices charged for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by different outfitters. There are more than 200 licensed operators on Mount Kilimanjaro. The choices may be overwhelming. The bad news is that there are not many reputable operators, and who you choose to climb with is crucial to your success and overall experience. However, if you disregarded the questionable companies, you'd be left with only a couple dozen or so quality Kilimanjaro operators.

First and foremost, do not make your decision based on price alone. Price should be only one component of your overall decision. High altitude trekking is not the place to shop for a cheap "deal", nor is it the place to overpay needlessly. What you are looking for is high quality service at a reasonable price.
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Whats included in Price Items that are covered in the cost of climb price.
  • Pick up from Kilimanjaro airport and drop off after the tour
  • 2-3 nights at Park View hotel or related hotel(Bed and breakfast)
  • Salary for guides/Cook and porters
  • All park entry/camping/ rescue fees
  • Camping Equipment/sleeping tents/mess tent/table/chair and sleeping matt
  • Transport from hotel to Climbing Gates
  • 3 meals a day while on the Mountain
  • Oxygen and Ox- meter available for body evaluation
  • Soft Drinks
  • Private Toilet
Whats not included in price
  • International or Domestic flight
  • Tipping for Guides/Cook and Porters
  • Personal climbing Gears